Michael Shannon’s quirky accessory steals the show on Met Gala red carpet

The best accessory from the Met Gala was all that and a bag of chips—literally. On the first Monday in May, actor Michael Shannon paired his classic tuxedo with a quirky handbag from Balenciaga that resembled a bag of potato chips.

The bag, which is meant to look like a crumpled, nearly empty container of chips, is actually made of glossy calfskin and comes in three different colorways or “flavors”: yellow for cheese and onion, red for chili pepper, and blue for salt and vinegar. While the flavors of the bags may correspond to real-life chips, the price point is decidedly higher—a single chip bag by Balenciaga will set you back a whopping $1,850.

The tongue-in-cheek accessory is yet another example of Balenciaga creative director Demna’s unique sense of humor when it comes to fashion; in the past, Demna has appropriated the design of Ikea bags, making their famous plastic shopping bags into nearly identical, albeit high-end leather totes and spoofed Bernie Sanders’ campaign logos into Balenciaga branding. One thing’s for certain—this Balenciaga bag made the Met Gala red carpet that much more delicious.