Green Border: A Powerful and Moving War Drama

Agnieszka Holland’s poignant war drama, Green Border, doesn’t explicitly focus on any particular conflict, but its harrowing depiction of the struggles of refugees from the Middle East and Africa resonates deeply. While the film explores the horrors of war, it also offers a glimmer of hope through the actions of those who fight for basic […]

AI Adoption by Employers Raises Concerns and Demands for Employee Input

Klarna, the Swedish buy-now-pay-later company, exemplifies the potential of generative AI. They use AI for creating and personalizing promotional images and marketing copy, resulting in significant cost savings. This year, they reported that an AI chatbot assistant is effectively replacing 700 human customer service agents, projected to boost profits by $40 million. Klarna’s approach highlights […]

Billionaire Donates $50 Million to Trump’s Super PAC

Timothy Mellon, a billionaire who was born into a wealthy family, has donated $50 million to the Trump campaign super-pac Make America Great Again Inc., according to federal filings released on Thursday. Mellon’s contribution is now considered to be the largest disclosed individual donation in the 2024 election. Mellon, 81, previously served as the chairman […]

Japan’s Strict CBD Regulations Threaten a Thriving Market

Japan’s burgeoning CBD industry may be on the verge of losing its momentum. The Japanese government passed a series of revisions late last year to its Cannabis Control Act, and as proposals for eventual implementation of those reforms are being considered, questions loom over what the changes will mean for the country’s flourishing – and […]

Why Are North Korean Soldiers Crossing the DMZ?

Despite its name, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea is one of the most heavily fortified places on Earth. Two million landmines, barbed wire fences, tank traps, and tens of thousands of troops from both countries patrol a 248-kilometer (154-mile) long, 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) wide strip of land. So how do North Korean […]

Trump Backs Green Cards for Foreign College Graduates

Miami — Former President Donald Trump said in an interview posted on Thursday that he wants to give automatic green cards to foreign students who graduate from U.S. colleges. This is a significant shift from the rhetoric he typically uses on the campaign trail. Trump was asked about plans for companies to be able to […]

Social Media Tourism Is Damaging the Planet

Fifteen years ago, a remote stretch of Icelandic countryside along the southern coast was practically deserted. The family that had owned and farmed the land for generations had relocated to Reykjavík, a three-and-a-half-hour drive away. A few adventurous visitors occasionally stumbled upon the area, which, besides being ideal sheep pasture, boasts a narrow, steep-sided canyon […]

Ecuador Experiences Nationwide Power Outage

Ecuador experienced a nationwide blackout on Wednesday, leaving its 18 million residents without power. Energy Minister Roberto Luque attributed the widespread outage to a transmission line incident in southern Ecuador, which resulted in a “cascading disconnection.” The blackout, the first of its kind in 20 years, “shows how fragile our system is, and reflects the […]

Ilya Sutskever Launches New AI Company Focused on Safe Superintelligence

Ilya Sutskever, a co-founder and former chief scientist of OpenAI, announced on Wednesday that he’s launching a new venture called Safe Superintelligence Inc. Sutskever said on X that the new lab will focus solely on building a safe “superintelligence”—an industry term for a hypothetical system that’s smarter than humans. Sutskever is joined at Safe Superintelligence […]

Austrian Heiress Gives Away $27 Million Fortune to Strangers

Marlene Engelhorn, an Austrian heiress who inherited millions of euros from her grandmother, decided to give away €25 million ($27 million) to strangers over the past six weeks. Engelhorn has been critical of Austria’s lack of inheritance taxes, arguing that wealth inheritance is a matter of luck, not merit. “A significant portion of my inherited […]