Ronnie Liang pursues PhD as an ‘investment’ for his future

MANILA, Philippines – Ronnie Liang is expanding his impressive list of accomplishments by pursuing a Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy. The actor is already well-known as a singer, host, licensed pilot, and army reservist but now wants to earn the title of doctor.

Ronnie Liang purses PhD degree as an ‘investment’ for his future
Ronnie Liang is now pursuing a PhD degree at the Philippine Christian University | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Ronnie Liang

On Facebook, Ronnie shared his decision to pursue a “leap of faith” and enroll in a Doctor of Philosophy program in Development Administration, majoring in Security Development Administration, at the Philippine Christian University.

According to Ronnie, his decision to further improve his education is a good and wise investment for his future because he understands that showbiz is not a long-term career.

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He wrote, “This is not just another degree but also an investment in my future because I know I will not be a singer and actor forever, so now I am preparing for a career beyond my current profession. The road ahead may be long and challenging, but I am ready, excited, and determined to make the most of this opportunity.”

Ronnie admitted that this new endeavor requires hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, but he is excited to take on this new chapter. He shared that he is looking forward to where this learning will take him.

He wrote, “As someone who deeply values personal growth and lifelong learning, I know that this will require hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, but it will also transform me in many ways that I cannot even imagine. I am excited about this new chapter in my life, and I am eager to see where it takes me.”

Ronnie Liang
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Ronnie Liang

In an interview, Ronnie said he is continually seeking new opportunities so he’ll have more options if he’s no longer a celebrity. He said, “I know hindi po ako forever artista. Now that I still have the means to study, I am grabbing the opportunity. Para kahit anong mangyari, if ever, in the future, may mga other alternatives aside sa pagiging pilot.”

During the pandemic, Ronnie took the lockdown as an opportunity to finish his master’s degree. He finished his Master’s Degree in Management with a major in National Security Administration via an online program at Philippine Christian University.”

Now with his PhD, Ronnie is going to take a blended program, where his schedule requires both online and face-to-face classes. He expects to finish the program in two years or more, depending on his dissertation.

— Sally, The Summit Express