Rockets fired from Iraq strike U.S. military base in Syria

A military base in Syria belonging to a U.S.-led coalition combating militants in the area came under rocket-fire late on Sunday, the government-affiliated Iraqi Security Media Cell said in a statement. At least one rocket landed at the base, said Rami Abdulrahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in an interview with Al-Arabiya. […]

White House Criticizes Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

The White House condemned antisemitism on college campuses, days after New York City police dispersed a pro-Palestinian rally at Columbia University and more than 100 students. Though it avoided naming a specific university, the White House statement is the latest sign of how campus tensions spurred by the Israel-Hamas war are influencing U.S. politics in […]

10 Interesting Facts About Earth Day

More than 8 billion people inhabit Earth, and soon a springtime holiday will remind them of the need to take care of their home. Earth Day, which takes place on April 22, dates back to 1970, when U.S.-based organizers were hoping to bring awareness to the environmental degradation they were witnessing across the country. Since […]

Dimon, Fink and the Rise of Energy Realism

Financial institutions play a central role in setting the course of climate action, underwriting clean energy projects around the globe. They also help determine which fossil fuel projects continue to be built. This central role has placed financial institutions in the middle of the culture wars. Depending on whom you ask, these big banks and […]

The Hidden Climate Costs Lurking Just Below the Surface

It’s no longer breaking news that the costs of climate change will add up quickly as extreme weather linked to global warming leads to one costly disaster after another. However, occasionally it makes sense to pause and take stock, and this week offered two research items that remind me of how those will stack up. […]

Russia Targeting Evangelical Faiths in Ukraine

After they beat Azat Azatyan so bad blood came out of his ears; after they sent electric shocks up his genitals; after they wacked him with pipes and truncheons, the Russians began to interrogate him about his faith. “When did you become a Baptist? When did you become an American spy?” Azat tried to explain […]

Taylor Swift’s Complex Embrace of Troubled Poets

Who was the first tortured poet? Maybe the ancient Egyptian who wrote, sometime in the 15th century BCE, “My beloved stirs my heart with his voice. He causes illness to seize me…. My heart is smitten.” Maybe the poet Catullus, whose heartbreaks lit up ancient Rome: “I hate and love,” he explained in Latin, “and […]