Tido Capital Formally Establishes

Singapore, April 02, 2024 — Tido Capital, a pioneering force in the global blockchain and web3.0 investment space, proudly announces its official establishment. Tido Capital has established a strong footprint in North America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and is dedicated to long-term success and the growth of the blockchain and web3.0 sectors. Tido Capital is committed to identifying and nurturing projects that align with the core needs of the web3.0 space, including public chain infrastructure, DeFi, social gaming, and the Ethereum ecosystem. The company’s approach encompasses strategic investments, startup platform financing, influencer endorsements, and user tasks to create a dynamic business cycle that empowers projects to thrive. With a robust network of LP resources and an experienced advisory team, Tido Capital offers post-investment value-added service capabilities. The company’s investment portfolio includes notable projects such as Celestia, Elixir Protocol, Fuel, LayerZero, TrendX, OORT, Wormhole, Counter Fire, and BOG. Tido Capital’s project layout involves primarily investing in angel rounds and seed rounds, with a commitment to delivering the highest return on the allocation of cryptocurrencies as an asset class for fund investors. Tido Capital represents a significant milestone in the company’s mission to support and drive innovation in the blockchain and web3.0 space. The foundation will further fortify Tido Capital’s dedication to fostering long-term success and growth in these rapidly evolving sectors. Website: Linkedin: Twitter: CONTACT: Evan Media Manager Tido Capital evan-at-tidocapital.com