Thai actress Mai Davika challenges herself with Chinese language songs in Chinese variety show “Ride the Wind 2024”

CHANGSHA, China, May 10, 2024 — The Chinese variety show “Ride the Wind 2024”, a musical spectacular produced by Mango TV, has invited 36 accomplished women of all ages from across the globe to join in the excitement. Their brilliant stage performances, showcasing many unique styles, catapults the show into a major platform for international cultural exchange. Thai actress Mai Davika, Vietnamese singer Suni, and South Korean super girl group Kara member Nicole Jung have all taken part in the spectacular. In debut performances, Mai Davika made a stunning appearance in a bright, red dress to perform her most popular song “Can I Call You Mine” in Thai. Suni performed a ribbon dance, wowing the audience by executing such challenging moves. Her outstanding Chinese also impressed other participants. Nicole Jung was also a highlight, performing her signature butt-dance while singing “Mr”. Mai Davika participates in “Ride the Wind 2024″[Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV] During the official group competition, Mai Davika, Suni, and Nicole Jung teamed up with other contestants for the challenge to sing not just Chinese songs, but also in various styles. Mai Davika has clearly worked hard on her Chinese to present the song “Magical”. Suni and Nicole Jung collaborated to present a cool and challenging stage performance called “The Mist”. No matter what the final results, the contestants have built a deep friendship through teamwork during this difficult challenge. In “Ride the Wind 2024”, contestants from different countries with different skills and cultural backgrounds have presented their stage performances. The spectacular proves not only a visual feast, but also an opportunity for the audience to be impressed by global cultural diversity and cultural integration. Media contact:Liu Shiyi