MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. Announces Key Performance Indicators for March 2024

Total customers served decreased slightly to 77,854 in March 2024 from 78,063 in the year-ago period. Sales per customer increased to JPY 7,190 in March 2024 from JPY 6,680 in the year-ago period. The increase is primarily attributed to price revisions and the upselling of optional services. Repeat ratio, a measure of repeat customers, increased slightly to 77.9% in March 2024 from 77.4% in the year-ago period. Operation ratio was 45.7% in March 2024, almost the same as 45.8% in the year-ago period. The total number of salons with data increased to 288 in March 2024 from 273 in March 2023. The increase is attributed to the completion of the replacement of the customer management system in certain salons. The number of salons with data decreases when the Company closes salons with data available and increases as the Company opens salons with such data. Number of Salons(*1)Number of Salons with Data(*2)Total Customers Served(*3)Sales per Customer(*4)Repeat Ratio(*5)Operation Ratio(*6)March-2331127378,063JPY 6,68077.4%45.8%April-2331328483,130JPY 6,66977.0%47.2%May-2331428486,895JPY 6,66075.7%47.5%June-23314