Hong Kong Caviar Shop Announces New Online Caviar Delivery Platform in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island, April 19, 2024 — Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong – NOMAD Caviar, a highly respected company based in Hong Kong known for its select and top quality caviar, has unveiled a new delightful dish, the Caviar Tart. This latest product is the result of a creative collaboration with acclaimed culinary artisans, Le Bec Fin and Toto Private Chef. Consistent with its motto of ‘Caviar for the People’, NOMAD Caviar is committed to transforming the public perception of caviar, often seen as an indulgent luxury. Through a direct relationship with premium and ecologically conscious farms and the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries, NOMAD Caviar makes this gourmet selection more accessible for those who savour sophisticated flavours. For more inforamtion visit. “NOMAD Caviar aims to change the conventional view of caviar as a rare treat eaten sparingly,” said Jason Cohen, CEO of NOMAD Caviar. “Our goal is to present caviar as a main dish, meant to be enjoyed heartily and in abundance.” Reflecting the brand’s innovative approach, the company’s offerings balance both modern and traditional tastes. The Kaluga Hybrid, a hearty and smooth roe, caters to traditional preferences, while the Ossetra presents a tantalising blend of nutty and fruity flavours. In addition to the standalone products, NOMAD Caviar partners with companies such as Crewkies to create exceptional culinary delights, like the NOMAD x Crewkies Oversized Blini, which enhances the caviar experience. Adding convenience to this luxury experience, NOMAD Caviar also provides a weekday door-to-door caviar delivery service to all customers in Hong Kong so enthusiasts can enjoy high quality, fresh caviar at their convenience. Beyond its brick-and-mortar retail outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines, NOMAD Caviar offers a caviar membership programme for discerning connoisseurs looking for regular culinary adventures. This includes a range of exclusive benefits, one of which is prioritised access to certain caviar products. The website provides an easy-to-navigate browsing and shopping platform, ensuring that all necessary information is readily available to users. It offers a comprehensive overview of available caviar products, various tub sizes, pricing details, and specific delivery and returns policies. “Our commitment is to push boundaries within our industry. The recently unveiled Caviar Tart embodies our devotion to culinary innovation, without compromising the core principles of our brand, such as responsible sourcing from sustainable farms,” Cohen further stated. NOMAD Caviar takes its commitment to transforming the caviar industry one step further by considering caviar appreciation an evolving journey that must strike a balance between luxury and sustainability. Through careful sourcing and educating its customers, the company strives to cultivate a community that appreciates the complexities of caviar and cosigns its place as an everyday delicacy. While the world of caviar is filled with rich flavours, enticing textures and a long-standing tradition, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. NOMAD Caviar looks forward to guiding newcomers and seasoned aficionados alike on this captivating journey. Its mission is to provide an unprecedented yet modest caviar experience to consumers. ### For more information about Nomad Caviar, contact the company here:Nomad CaviarJason Cohen+852 9773 2233hello@nomadcaviar.com8/F, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong CONTACT: Jason Cohen