Davis Commodities Limited Announces Its Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results

SINGAPORE, May 15, 2024 — Davis Commodities Limited (Nasdaq: DTCK) (the “Company” or “Davis Commodities”), an agricultural commodity trading company that specializes in trading sugar, rice, and oil and fat products, today announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023. Ms. Li Peng Leck, Executive Chairwoman and Executive Director of Davis Commodities, commented, “I am pleased to present our financial results for fiscal year 2023. During this period, our business has maintained profitability across all products, being sugar, rice, and oil and fat products. Particularly noteworthy is the exceptional growth in revenue from the sale of oil and fat products, which surged by 171.0% compared to the previous fiscal year. Despite some headwinds in the form of a slowdown in the demand for sugar in Indonesia and Vietnam, we have made progress in our business expansion, achieving revenue growth in Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. We believe the results demonstrate the strength of our business strategies in the context of uncertainties from geopolitical events, government policies, and economic conditions. We are confident about our business prospects, buoyed by our proven track record in successful strategic planning and our ability to adapt to evolving macroeconomic landscapes. Looking ahead, we plan to continue expanding our distribution channels and solidifying our market presence. We also expect to leverage the longstanding relationships with our business partners to capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets with high demand for our products. We believe all of such endeavors will enable us to deliver sustainable returns and generate enhanced value for our shareholders.” Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results Revenue Total revenues of the Company were US$190.7 million for fiscal year 2023, decreased by 7.7% from US$206.7 million for fiscal year 2022. This decrease was mainly attributable to a decrease in demand for sugar and rice from the Company’s customers in Southeast Asia, notably, Indonesia and Vietnam. For the Fiscal Years Ended December 31, 2023 2022 (US$ thousands) Revenue Cost of Revenue Gross Margin Revenue Cost of Revenue Gross MarginSale of sugar 116,443 113,110 2.9% 154,757 145,071 6.3%Sale of rice 26,440 25,325 4.2% 34,200 32,099 6.1%