Biden Warns of ‘Outrageous’ Consequences of a Second Trump Term

Biden, Trump

President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama voiced their concerns about the possibility of Donald Trump winning a second term.

These comments were made at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 15th. Hosted by actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts, the event at L.A.’s Peacock Theater raised over $28 million before it even began, according to The Washington Post. Oscar and Grammy award-winning actor and singer Barbra Streisand and First Lady Jill Biden also made appearances.

Other attendees included Hollywood celebrities such as Sheryl Lee Ralph and Keegan-Michael Key, as well as California politicians like and L.A. Mayor

During the event, Biden and Obama engaged in a 40-minute conversation moderated by . Trump’s potential return to the presidency was a recurring theme, with the trio analyzing his past record and commenting on his recent conviction in May.

One topic of discussion centered on the fear of potential retribution if Trump were to be re-elected. “Institutions matter. What he did on January 6th, and now he’s literally saying if he doesn’t win there’ll be a bloodbath. It’s outrageous—what he’s talking about is outrageous,” Biden stated, according to . “The idea that he’s actually threatened retribution. This is the United States of America. Did you ever think you’d ever, ever, ever hear anything like this?”


Biden further emphasized that another Trump presidency could significantly impact Supreme Court decisions over the next four years, particularly concerning issues such as gay rights and abortion access.

“The Supreme Court has never been as out of kilter as it is today, I mean never,” he said, .

This isn’t the first time Biden has sought assistance from Hollywood figures during his re-election campaign. In May, actor Robert De Niro in a campaign ad titled “Snapped.” De Niro labeled Trump “out of control” and claimed the former president would stop at nothing to achieve “revenge.”

The exchanges between Biden and Trump have intensified in the lead-up to the 2024 election. Following Trump’s recent conviction, the former president when speaking to the press on May 30.

Biden was questioned about Trump’s accusations during his own press conference, resulting in a viral moment. The president paused, turned, and reacted with a wide smile, seemingly amused by the question or the subject at hand. Journalists continued to press for his thoughts, but he simply left the room.

During the June 15th conversation, Obama praised the work of his former Vice President [Biden], stating, “we can take pride in affirming the extraordinary work that Joe has done.”

Obama also shared his perspective on Trump’s conviction, suggesting that some have “normalized behavior that used to be disqualifying.”

Prior to the event, pro-Palestinian protestors gathered outside the Peacock Theater, some wearing “Cease-Fire Now” and “Not in Our Name” T-shirts. , protesters can be heard chanting: “We are here today to remind Biden and everyone attending that there is no business as usual.”