Biden Urged to Step Aside for Harris in 2024 Democratic Primary

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In First Presidential Debate

Take a historic step and give the Democratic Party its independence.

This would be the most impactful executive decision ever made. It’s within your power to give America its first woman President. Grant history that gift. Grant your legacy that gift. This would be a truly defining moment in your career, a celebration of democracy and a testament to your service.

You were the first person to follow a Black man into the Oval Office, the first Vice President to serve under a President of color. You were the first President to serve with a Black Vice President, and the first President to serve with a female Vice President. What better way to complete this progressive journey than to hand the reins over to your capable and prepared partner? Let Kamala Harris become the first female President of the United States. Let it be on your terms, with your blessing. Don’t let this situation deteriorate. Embrace the magnitude and potential of this moment. This would be the most noble and transformative gesture imaginable. Open the field back up, as you did when you first ran. Let Vice President Harris lead us to the convention in August, and then let the delegates look with fresh eyes at the pool of candidates and decide who will lead us through to November.

If you drag us through the next five months, most of us will stay with you, but we will be tired, disappointed, and disheartened by what can only start to feel like a level of hubris on the part of your campaign. And if the outcome is not what we hope, the good-hearted, value-driven bipartisan spirit of your last 40 years will be reduced to the single truth that you led us into an uncharted abyss of four more years with a man who is, by all accounts, a threat to democracy itself.

We put our trust in you. We are placing our hope in your hands once more. You are already a history maker and a man of loyalty, competence, and fortitude. Surprise us all with one last act of profound service, optimism, and imagination. Do the thing that the other side is counting on you not to do. See past your ego and into the world of elemental legacy. What I’m calling for now is a historic act of humility, self-sacrifice, and good faith. Don’t risk going down fighting when there are ready and able standard bearers who are still fresh for the race, and could lead the side to a more decisive victory. At least then, no matter the outcome, we will know you did everything you could, and more importantly, we will know you are still a man able to be moved by the will of your people, and a man true to his word.