Savory and Partners Founder shares insight on Historic Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Memorandum

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Dubai, UAE – June 30, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs are experiencing substantial changes as Western nations aid Caribbean governments in strengthening their regulations. In response to the coming changes, Savory & Partners readies their plans, with founder Jeremy Savory offering his experience as a guiding light.


Jeremy Savory speaking to investors on global mobility at an event held in the US recently

The highly-competitive era of golden passports has apparently come to a close, with veteran companies like Savory & Partners standing at the forefront of this monumental event. On March 20th, 2024, four Caribbean countries signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) establishing a minimum investment threshold of $200,000.

With the deadline set for June 30th, investors are maximising the last opportunity to apply at the current pricing thresholds. To help shed light on the potential implications of these policy changes, Jeremy Savory, founder and CEO of leading residency and citizenship by investment firm Savory & Partners expresses his opinion.

The agreement itself will be effective by June 30th, 2024 – with all five Caribbean nations on board. This significant milestone follows last year’s collective agreement on the treatment of denials across the five Caribbean states, mandatory interviews for applicants, and regular audits of the programs.

Impact of Tightened Regulations on Caribbean States

While the international community campaigns for improved citizenship processing, in the medium to long-term, the nations themselves stand to benefit greatly from the more unified approach.

When questioned on the intention of the new protocols and their potential benefits, Savory states; “The idea to harmonise the objectives of the five nations without compromising on price or security protocols is a strategic move. In the short-term, Q3 might experience a drop-off in applicants due to the rush in Q2 to meet the price hike deadline. From Q4, I foresee a gradual increase in government revenues, paired with lower strains on processing volumes resulting in an overall positive experience for applicants and satisfying the requirements of the wider international community… a “triple win” if you will.

For many, the memorandum is viewed as a historic moment of unity among the countries – aligning after so many years of competing with one another is a positive move to temper internal and external attacks on the sensitive domain of second citizenship in a year of unprecedented global instability.

Future Trajectory of Caribbean Citizenship Programs

Speaking in response to queries on the potential future of citizenship by investment programs after the memorandum, Savory states, “It’s bright. The Caribbean nations have established a level playing field by ending the price war, safeguarding the value of their citizenship offerings and thereby ensuring a higher calibre of applicants who will feel safer in the knowledge their citizenship investment’s value is protected.

With the promotion of more healthy alternatives to the previous market environment, Savory explains that the main point of distinction between the citizenship programs will eventually lie in the varying benefits they offer.

 The market will start to differentiate each country’s merit using criteria such as worldwide consular infrastructure, pricing on various family sizes, processing times, pricing and benefits of government-approved real estate options. An important deciding factor will also be the number of countries with visa-free access – for example, some programs offer China and Saudi Arabia in addition to the UK and the EU, while other programs don’t,” he says.

Potential Impact on the Global Residency Market

With such significant changes to the pricing and regulations of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, following on from price increases and changes in the European Golden Visa Programs, the future of the global citizenship and residency market has created a healthy debate.

When questioned on his personal analysis, Jeremy Savory states; “There will be a knock-on effect across the world as the European Golden Visa Programs have already moved towards increased prices with Portugal Golden Visa increasing thresholds in 2023 and Greece due to increase on September 30th, 2024. With the new Caribbean pricing comparable to the €250,000 required for the Portugal Golden Visa – Artistic and National Cultural Heritage option or the €250,000 Hungary Guest Investor Visa Residency Permit launching in July 2024, investors will be spoilt for choice.”

The Caribbean and Global Mobility


2024 is a year of substantial instability combining pivotal elections in major nations, multiple civil and international conflicts, against a backdrop of increased global populism and trade wars. This uncertainty has unsurprisingly piqued interest in sovereignty solutions; second passports offering the comfort of global mobility, a hedging strategy against political, geographic, and financial headwinds.

Speaking on the Caribbean price memorandum in this context, Savory concludes, “Years of experience has shown me that in turbulent times the cost of a legal alternative citizenship is so invaluable it can only be quantified by those that have it in their hand. People want greater control over their personal and professional lives, a lot of which is fairly or unfairly impacted by their nationality. Therefore, demand for second citizenship and residency programs will continue for the foreseeable future.

Countries realise this; hence new programs will launch, albeit with potentially more genuine links/residency, talent-based, startup, business incubation, affordable housing variations rather than strictly capital-based.

About Savory & Partners

Savory & Partners is an award-winning citizenship and residency by investment company headquartered in Dubai, with more than 60 global mobility experts across offices in 7 countries. The company has coverage in over 20 jurisdictions, including Europe, and was the first firm to obtain all five authorised agent licenses for the governments of the Caribbean Islands. With over 14 years of experience, it has successfully processed second passports for thousands of applicants from more than 70 different nationalities.


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