XPPen to Showcase Innovative Products at Anime Expo 2024

Los Angeles, CA, June 28, 2024 — XPPen, a world-leading digital art innovation brand, is proud to announce its participation in Anime Expo 2024. This marks XPPen’s seventh appearance at this prestigious event. The Expo, scheduled for July 4 to July 7 in Los Angeles, will feature XPPen’s industry-leading products, including the Magic Drawing Pad equipped with the latest X3 Pro smart chip.

XPPen Joins Creators Worldwide to Celebrate the Anime Event

As the largest anime event in North America, Anime Expo drew over 392,000 attendees from more than 60 countries last year. This year, Anime Expo has announced that several renowned voice actors and manga artists will be participating, attendees have the chance to be among the first to view highly anticipated anime series.

“As a staunch supporter of artists, XPPen hopes that through Anime Expo 2024, we can all experience a more diverse world together,” said Mia Wang, Sales Director of XPPen. 
XPPen is honored to invite Riot Games’ principal artist, Airi Pan, to participate in the Anime Expo. Airi will be creating art live at the XPPen booth on July 6th. She is excited to join and looks forward to engaging with anime enthusiasts.

Pioneering a New Era of Mobile Creativity

As a leading brand in the digital art industry, XPPen continuously explores bold innovations, dedicated to enhancing the user’s creative experience through cutting-edge technology. At this exhibition, XPPen proudly presents the highly anticipated Magic Drawing Pad, launched earlier this year. This product stems from our keen insight into the rising market aesthetic standards and the user demand for ‘mobile creation’. Empowered by XPPen’s exceptional R&D capabilities, this new product category was born, featuring the industry’s first 16K ultra-sensitive pressure technology. Highly acclaimed for its superior performance and portability, it has quickly become a best-seller!

XPPen’s commitment to innovation is vividly reflected in the superior drawing experience. The X3 Pro Pencil provides users with an unparalleled drawing experience characterized by “subtle, precise, and smooth” pen strokes. Paired with the professional drawing screen X-Paper, it offers a realistic paper-like drawing experience. With a color gamut as high as 109% sRGB, it allows for vibrant and extensive color expression, providing creators with a broader spectrum of their artistic visions. The ultra-thin body, measuring just 6.9mm and weighing only 599g, offers creators a more flexible and convenient creative experience.

XPPen Invites Artists to Co-Create a New Exhibition Experience, Showcasing Diverse Creativity
At XPPen, we cherish every moment to engage with our vibrant community, sharing our passion for art and encouraging authentic self-expression. From July 4 to July 6, visit our booth for an exhilarating Character Art Contest. Participants will have 15 minutes to draw a character based on three random keywords. These masterpieces will be printed and displayed, with attendees voting for their favorites using star stickers. Each day, talented winners will receive incredible prizes, including drawing displays, accessories, and specially designed gifts.

Additionally, we have planned a variety of activities, including a questionnaire and social media photo opportunities with creative props. Don’t miss your chance to participate and win exclusive XPPen merchandise. Join us and be inspired!

In addition to participating in a variety of activities and prizes, visitors to the booth will get a chance to experience the diverse innovative products, including the Artist 24 Pro, Artist 22 Plus, and the Deco series. XPPen warmly invites attendees to experience the allure of our innovative technology and embark on a journey of creativity. 

Moreover, we are thrilled to announce that three distinguished artists, Grace Kim (@ryuunart on Twitter), Vivian Tran (@Kaneblob on Twitter) and Airi Pan (@pix_bun on Instagram), will be present at XPPen booth. They will offer live demonstrations and share their creative insights. We aim to deeply engage with anime enthusiasts worldwide, sparking boundless creative inspiration through the event. 

Miss out on Anime Expo to get exclusive discounts? We are pleased to extend a special offer to our online users. From July onwards, enjoy discounts of up to 40% off on the XPPen online store, plus an additional 5% off with the exclusive expo code [XPAX5]. Learn more at

Due to the high value placed on the cultural significance of the anime community, XPPen is furthering its collaboration with HoYoFair by hosting the ‘Teyvat Fashion Show’ in late July, extending the immersive experience from San Diego Comic-Con. Join us for this exciting event and celebrate the vibrant culture! 

About XPPen

Originated from 2005, XPPen is now one of the top brands under HANVON UGEE, integrated with digital drawing products, content and service as a globally notable digital brand of digital art innovation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, XPPen boasts 6 overseas subsidiaries(branches) and more than 50 agents, covering over 130 countries and regions with its products. By virtue of its progressive digital handwriting technology after more than 10 years’ accumulation and innovation, XPPen believes that, innovative, trendy and leading products and ecosystem can bring more abundant visionary inspiration to the new generation artists and enthusiasts, encouraging them to courageously pursue dreams and realize their authentic self-expression.

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