WEEX Enhances Trading Experience with TradingView’s Advanced Analytics

TradingView is a popular financial market analysis platform that provides real-time data, charts, and technical analysis tools for various markets, including stocks, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. It caters to all levels of investors and traders, from beginners to professionals, offering tools to aid informed investment decisions.

In the cryptocurrency industry, exchanges like Binance, OKX, Bybit, and WEEX have integrated TradingView. This article explains how to utilize TradingView’s advanced technical analysis tools on the WEEX platform for a more professional trading experience.

Accessing TradingView on WEEX
Log on to the WEEX platform, and you will find the TradingView interface in the spot/contract/contract Pro/simulation trading area (by default). Users can manually switch to the basic version based on their preference. Compared to the basic interface, TradingView integrates more functions, including TradingView technical indicators, drawing tools, chart properties, and annotation displays.

Technical Indicators
TradingView offers over 100 professional technical analysis indicators, including well-known ones like Volume, EMA (Exponential Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD, and Bollinger Bands. Users can select and bookmark indicators that meet their needs with a single click. To remove an indicator, right-click the indicator area and click “Remove”.

Drawing Tools
TradingView provides over 100 market analysis tools, including cursors, trend lines, Fibonacci, Gann, shape patterns, forecasting and measuring, geometric shapes, annotations, icons, measurements, zoom in/out, and magnet mode, giving traders a clear view of market trends.

Additionally, by clicking on TradingView’s “Chart Properties,” users can customize the candlestick chart, price lines, accuracy, time zone, indicator parameters, background colors, etc., according to their preferences. Clicking on “Annotation Display” allows the chart to display positions and current orders, providing traders with confidence in their orders and positions.

Enhancing Your Trading with WEEX and TradingView

WEEX Exchange has always provided industry-leading trading depth and a professional trading experience as a competitive advantage, supporting features such as one-click copy trading, one-click reversal, and ladder liquidation. It also offers various order modes like GTC, Maker-only, IOC, FOK, and personalized capital management needs like shared margin and separate margin.

The integration with TradingView significantly enhances WEEX by leveraging TradingView’s extensive library of over 100 technical indicators and market analysis tools. This comprehensive suite of tools allows WEEX to better meet users’ diverse and professional trading needs, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities in the rapidly changing market and improve their trading success rate.

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