Web3.0+2024 event held successfully in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, March 30, 2024 — With the advent of the Web3.0 era, global interest in blockchain and digital assets is growing daily. The Websea Global Tour landed in Hong Kong with the theme “Web3+2024 in Hong Kong: Embarking on the Age of Discovery for Web3.0,” exploring this new era full of infinite opportunities with global industry elites. Hong Kong, a strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region, witnessed the full explosion of Web3. Websea’s COO, Herbert, delivered a speech titled “How crypto will shift from product to powering products” at the WOW Summit forum and engaged in in-depth discussions on the future trends of Web3 with many industry leaders. In his speech, Herbert introduced the exploration and achievements of Websea in Web3 community governance. Through proposals and voting by the global community, WBS successfully completed the futures trading upgrade, reducing its total supply to 300 million. This fully demonstrated the advantages of Web3.0’s co-construction and sharing, with all WBS holders in the community benefiting in the medium and long term. Following the deep exchanges and discussions at the WOW Summit in Hong Kong, many well-known venture capital firms and project parties boarded a yacht on the glittering night of Victoria Harbour. Together with Websea’s COO, Herbert, they discussed various opportunities in the Web3 Age of Discovery. As Websea’s investment institution, Websea Labs also became the focus of attention at this event. Supporting innovative blockchain startups through incubation, investment, and acquisition, Websea Labs accelerates the maturity and development of the Websea ecosystem. Herbert revealed in the exchange that Websea Labs will focus on hot industry trends, investing and incubating 10 projects in the GameFi and DePIN field. The “Web3.0+2024” Global Tour showcased Websea’s ambition in global ecological layout. By connecting industry practitioners, ecosystem builders, and digital asset investors worldwide, Websea is committed to building an open, interconnected digital asset trading ecosystem. This event not only provided participants with a unique platform to delve into the Web3 world but also accelerated the ecological development of Websea globally. With the successful conclusion of the “Web3.0+2024” Hong Kong event, Websea has taken a solid step in its global layout and the development of Websea Labs. Through continuous upgrades in brand, product, and market, Websea will attract more Web2 users to join, contributing to the development of the industry. In April, the Web3.0+2024 Global Tour will head to Japan. Stay tuned for more exciting news, as Websea embarks on a new chapter in the Web3.0 era with you. About Websea The platform features a dual-account security system, intelligent copy trading, innovative functionalities such as AI risk management and trading systems. Additionally, it lists creative gamified features like Boost to Bargain, invitation rewards, and lucky box rewards. This aims to provide young users with a secure, convenient, efficient, and entertaining Web3.0 trading experience.Website: Disclaimer: The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency. CONTACT: Media Contact: Dory Lau dory(at)websea.com https://fx1.io/