Nasdaq Hosts First JAPAN IR Event in 2024 at its U.S. Headquarters

Four Nasdaq-listed Japanese Companies Gather to Showcase the Appeal of Japanese Companies to the World

TOKYO, July 01, 2024 — MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: MRM) (“Medirom” or the “Company”), a holistic healthcare company based in Japan, announced that on June 20th the Company was one of four Nasdaq listed Japanese companies that presented at the NASDAQ JAPAN IR EVENT 2024 at Nasdaq’s U.S. headquarters.

The Nasdaq event aimed to increase the visibility of Japanese companies in the U.S. Four Japanese companies listed on Nasdaq presented to over 120 investors and media.

Joseph Brantuk, Global Listings Chief Client Officer of NASDAQ.
“This is an excellent initiative to directly showcase the appeal of Japanese companies to investors. To continue attracting attention and increasing communication opportunities with investors, we will continue to hold regular JAPAN IR events at Nasdaq headquarters in the U.S. to communicate the appeal of Japanese companies to the world.”

Koji Eguci, CEO, stated, “The event was a great success, allowing investors and company representatives to have more in-depth one-on-one conversations and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and the appeal of Japanese growth companies.”

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◾️ About MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.

Company Overview
Name: MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.
Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
Ticker: MRM (Nasdaq CM)
Headquarters: Tradepia Odaiba 16F, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: CEO Koji Eguchi
Established: July 2000
Business: Studio Operation / Franchise / Health Tech / Device Business