Lilium in advanced talks with French government to expand industrial footprint with high-volume facilities

Lilium is keen to leverage France’s unique aerospace heritage and vast supplier base in aerospace and electrification to expand its high-volume production capacity of the Lilium Jet. Discussion of industrial footprint expansion into France, potential government subsidies and loan guarantees expected to be concluded in the coming weeks. Lilium expansion could create up to 850 new direct jobs in France. Lilium Jet production expected to boost French export volumes as vast majority of produced Jets would serve other countries.

Founded in 2015, Lilium is a world-leading pioneer in the field of eVTOL technology and electric regional air mobility; and the only manufacturer worldwide with a certification basis for eVTOL aircraft in both Europe and the United States. Initial production of the Lilium Jet began in 2023 at Lilium’s headquarter site close to Munich, Germany. With entry into service of the Lilium Jet planned for 2026, Lilium is preparing for larger scale production to meet expected global market demand. Lilium has an order pipeline consisting of over 780 Lilium Jets including binding orders and MoU agreements from operators in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. According to estimates by Morgan Stanley as of 2021, the global eVTOL market could be worth $1 trillion in global revenues by 2040. The planned new high-volume production facilities in France will serve the global market. Lilium is currently working with multiple Tier 1 suppliers, including established French players such as Saint-Gobain, Michelin, Expliseat and Ratier-Figeac. By expanding its manufacturing operations in France, Lilium expects to further leverage France’s unique heritage and vast supplier base in aerospace and electrification.