ICPO Foundation and American Hospital Dubai Establish Collaboration Center in the Middle East

This collaboration strengthens global educational standards for radiotheranostics and will scale patient access to a new generation of effective cancer therapeutics in United Arabic Emirates.

July 11, 2024 – Wiesbaden, Germany, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO) Foundation and American Hospital Dubai (AHD) have announced a partnership to establish the hospital as one of the global ICPO Collaborating Centers. This collaboration aims to expand access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology (RPO) for patients worldwide and further promote research and development in this field. The AHD will play a key role in developing and implementing best practice standards for RPO in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and will support the “ICPO Academy for Theranostics” in its efforts to provide professional development in this field.

The ICPO Foundation is dedicated to creating a global network of diagnostic and therapeutic centers focused on Radiomolecular Precision Oncology. The Foundation has established the ICPO Academy for Theranostics and is actively involved in researching innovative radiopharmaceuticals. Their mission is to ensure that cutting-edge cancer therapies are accessible to patients globally. The ICPO Centers operate under a model that emphasizes shared knowledge, certified education, and standardized design and processes to implement best clinical practices worldwide. The ICPO Foundation has successfully established collaborating centers in Germany, China, India, Australia, and Egypt, with plans to expand to other locations around the globe.

American Hospital Dubai, a leading private healthcare provider in the Middle East, was established in 1996 with the mission of providing world-class medical services. With 254 beds, AHD offers comprehensive acute care across various medical and surgical specialties, providing advanced healthcare solutions. A key component of AHD’s services is its pioneering cancer program, delivering comprehensive care in Dubai and beyond.

AHD’s Nuclear Medicine Department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a digital PET/CT scanner and an SPECT/CT gamma camera, facilitating precise and effective cancer diagnosis and treatment. Regular multidisciplinary meetings ensure seamless integration with other medical professionals, promoting holistic patient care. Committed to upholding the highest standards of care, AHD implements the “Service Excellence Program” and offers multidisciplinary education programs for its clinical staff. AHD’s physicians are North American board-certified or possess equivalent Western training, ensuring top-notch medical expertise.

American Hospital Dubai will provide advice and recommendations to the ICPO Foundation on implementing international quality standards, processes, and procedures for precision oncology in the UAE and the Middle East. The collaboration aims to promote the “ICPO Academy for Theranostics” in Dubai, including at national society meetings, and establish the AHD as a point of contact for interested parties and registration of participants in the UAE. The clinic will be included under ICPO certification and aligned with the ICPO Academy curriculum in the upcoming practical training program for physicians, chemists, physicists, nurses, technologists, and other participants in its facilities for various durations.

Odile Jaume, CEO of the ICPO Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration makes the American Hospital Dubai one of the leading partners within the ICPO network and across the Middle East to support a new era of cancer care. Our goal is to scale patient access to this innovative therapy of Radiomolecular Precision Oncology for patients worldwide and further to develop the ICPO Academy for Theranostics with top-level partners.”

Dr. Firas Alani, Chief of American Hospital Dubai Academic Institute, echoed this sentiment: “Together with the ICPO Foundation, our hospital is proud to lead a paradigm shift toward precision oncology in Dubai. As an ICPO Collaborating Center, we can set the standard at international and regional levels, providing patients in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates with access to cutting-edge precision oncology therapies.”

About ICPO Foundation
The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO) is a non-profit organization established in 2019 under German law by leading international medical practitioners and life sciences entrepreneurs. Recognizing a paradigm shift in cancer care from one size fits all to a personalized approach, the ICPO Foundation is helping to build momentum to scale global patient access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology to support this shift. Therefore, the ICPO Foundation aims to develop an international network of physical diagnostic and therapeutic Centers for Precision Oncology organized in a model based on shared know-how, certified education with the ICPO Academy for Theranostics, and design and process standardization that enables best clinical practice globally. Furthermore, it is the ICPO Foundation’s objective to empower its Centers by embedding them in a highly inclusive Community that spearheads its model and lives up to the Precision Oncology promise by making it available to all patients in need, irrespective of country or social status.

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