HordRT Revolutionizes Product Development with Rapid Tooling Innovations

ZHONGSHAN, China, June 18, 2024 — ZHONGSHAN HORD RAPIDTOOLS LTD (HordRT) has been a leader in the rapid tooling industry for over 11 years. Through years of research, process innovation, and continuous optimization, HordRT has made groundbreaking advancements in rapidly reducing product development cycle times, cutting tooling costs, and enabling agile engineering changes. This has been accomplished by winning over engineers at major European and American companies.

Rapid Tooling Process Innovations
Rapid tooling achieves significant time and cost savings through extreme standardization of components like mold cavities, runner systems, and slide cores, combined with streamlined processes and inline inspection. HordRT has over 1,000 standardized mold cavity inserts, allowing 80% of new products to utilize existing inserts by only producing a small number of new components. This reduces lead times by at least 50% and costs by more than 30%.

Delivering High Quality with Extraordinary Speed
Contrary to the traditional belief that rapid tooling is only suitable for prototypes with significant differences in precision, quality, and performance compared to conventional molds, HordRT has implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system with rigorous checks at every stage. Upfront, DFM studies thoroughly analyze designs for manufacturability risks, including mold flow simulations to predict and mitigate cosmetic defects. During machining, critical dimensions undergo continuous inspection to ensure compliance.

Finished tools undergo extensive validation testing before production approval, including water leak checks, ejector pin travel checks, and short production runs. By integrating these multi-stage safeguards, HordRT ensures their rapid tools achieve over 95% dimensional integrity compared to traditional tooling.

Stringent Quality Control and Inspection
While significantly faster and more cost-effective, quality remains the top priority. HordRT uses advanced inspection technologies such as blue light scanning, CMMs, optical comparators, and spectrometers to ensure drawings are met before shipping detailed reports. Injection molding machines have libraries of material-specific barrel and screw configurations.

About HordRT
Over its decade-plus journey, HordRT has raised rapid tooling to new heights. More and more customers are recognizing the unique value of rapid tooling for accelerating product development cycles, minimizing upfront investment, and enabling design agility. Looking ahead, rapid tooling is poised to become a significant industry shift in tool manufacture.

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